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Barge for sale as where it is - Scrap (Click Here)

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Barge for sale as where it is - Scrap (Click Here)

Post  AdministrationTutih on Sat Aug 04, 2018 5:43 pm

Owner is asking for a bid on a cargo barge located in Florida for scrap.

It was manufactured 1970 and lengthened in 1985.

The dimensions are: 730' x 99' x 20', the light draft is 3'10".

The lightship weight is 7900 LT to 8900 LT, approximately.

If scrapped, the owner wants the barge to be done by a qualified recycling facility that conducts business consistent with guidelines for safe and environmentally sound ship recycling

On this particular barge the owners have put it out on bid.

The way the sale is being handled is it's a bid for the barge as-is at location and they are not interested in transporting the barge.

Pls by interest send company profile / LOI

Mail to : roosjen@hotmail.com

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