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My Direct Contact in Lay-up Location Indonesia /Batam (Click Here)

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My Direct Contact in Lay-up Location Indonesia /Batam (Click Here) Empty My Direct Contact in Lay-up Location Indonesia /Batam (Click Here)

Post  AdministrationTutih on Tue May 15, 2012 4:58 pm

PT. Bias Delta Pratama at Batam, Indonesia.

Bias Delta Pratama is offering cost effective anchorage solutions for the vessel in the safe location of Batam Indonesia very close to the busy hub of Singapore.

As an ISO-9001 TUV approved company, Bias Delta Pratama manages and operates a lay up operation that is the only designated and well-managed lay up anchorage with better facilities in Batam, Indonesia.

Our deep water and covered site can accommodate all vessel types and will be suitable for both hot and cold lay-up required to laying up small to big vessel.

The shore base with excellent facilities is only 10 minutes boat trip to the vessels, we offer maintenance services and can keep owner valuable asset in good condition ready for quick activation back into service.

Chalet accommodation is available at our shore base for crew, superintendents and maintenance teams with full catering facilities.

If the vessel are waiting for the next charter, contract or buyer, we provide a very safe alternative rather than other busy anchorage facilities offered in the region.

Full ship agency services are available in-house with our sister company Batam Samudra. Cost effective crew changes can be achieved easily with international airports closed by.

The Lay-up Anchorage area in Batam is safe and well protected from the elements. No Typhoons can reach the area, as the anchorages are only +/- 01 degr. North of Equator and with islands all around breaks any swell or Tsunami that may affect the open waters.

Distance from Singapore Eastern Anchorage is 60-70 nm, depending on which route is taken. Deep water and wide open approach can be had directly from the South China Sea for vessels arriving from points north. No need to enter the congested Singapore Strait.

The anchorages are easily accessible from Singapore. Only a short 45 min. to 1 hr ferry trip from Singapore Cruise Centre (Harbour Front) to Batam.
From Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, which is only a short taxi ride from Changi Airport, ther is also regular ferry service to Batam.

From the ferry terminal at Batu Ampar (Harbour Bay) or from Batam Center it takes only one hour on good roads to the Bases on Galang (North Base) or Galanbaru (South Base), day visits to the vessels can easily be arranged for Singapore based personnel.
Travel takes only 2 to 2 ½ hours each way, incl. formalities.

It is possible to travel from Japan in 5-7 hours to the vessel and Europe in 12-24 hours to the vessel in an emergency. (Depending on travel itinerary and arrival time at Singapore)

Batam has an airport with several flight per day from Jakarta. Flight are also available directly to other destinations in Indonesia.

Batam is a Free Trade Zone (Specific Economic Zone), which makes it easy to import and re-export spare parts and equipment from anywhere.
Daily transport by regular liner services, or courier from Singapore to Batu Ampar port, Bias Delta Pratama also provide cargo / spare part delivery doo to door service.

We as Company and close friend can regulate Prices !

Mail to: roosjen@hotmail.com

Skype: penoseboy

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